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What a Medium Told Me

Hey everyone! I kind of got out of the groove of writing blog posts but I feel like I’m getting back into it and remembering why I love it so much. Anyways, I went to a medium yesterday and I thought I’d share what she told me. I also feel like it would be good to have it written down while I remember so that I can look back in the future and see what has come to pass. I am personally very spiritual and love all things to do with good energy like nature and crystals and meditation. It’s not for everyone and everyone has different experiences with these things and thats expected were all unique individuals.

So the Medium I went to her name is Eveonne and I have been to her before. Eveonne is from Tipperary and the session cost me 50 euro. I decided to go back as everything she has told me about came true. She had predicted me repeating my Leaving Certificate exams, going to Dublin but returning home, my boyfriend (ex) cheating, my granny being sick, and that I would find driving difficult (which I did, I failed my test 3 times!). Eveonne also had said I would go back to Brazil which at the time was inconceivable to me as it was 8 years since I had been there, two years later and I was in Brazil and I never would have thought I would have gone back. Also that my grandad on my moms side was sick and wouldn’t last very long. I was also told I would travel to Scotland and I have been there about 6 times now and plan on moving there. I was also told I’d marry a man who wears a suit to work and is a businessman, very professional. Also that I’ll have 3 or 4 kids. As well as predicting my future she told me that there was an elderly man who was watching over me. She said “He says hello lovey and that he never forgot about you and he loves you very much”. My Granduncle Frank who passed away four months before the first time I met Eveonne was the only person in my life who never failed to greet me with “Hello Lovey” every time I saw him since I was a little girl. I was a bit spooked but more emotional than anything as we were so close.

Yesterday when I went to her I didn’t know what to expect. In myself I knew that I’m now in a completely different place than I was last year and even a few months ago. I feel so much happier, confident in myself and clear minded. I have completely let go of things that weren’t serving me well once and just moved on. My life is stable and I’m grateful for all of the hard work I put in to get to this point. Before I sat down in the chair Eveonne said to me that I was going to travel imminently and I was excited about it. I hadn’t said anything about going away next week. She also said that the angels of travel were around me. I was asked how old I was and I said I’m 22 in July this year, she replied with “you have been through an awful amount of hurt for a person as young as yourself”. She wasn’t wrong, I have been through a lot we all go through things that many people have no idea about at all. She asked me “who has passed away a woman with lovely brown hair she was very close to you and kept your secrets she was very fond of you”. That would be my Grandaunt Mary, (Granduncle Frank’s wife) who passed away in July before my 21st birthday. She had beautiful brown hair always combed a certain way always well styled and I had told her things that I wouldn’t have told anyone and she always kept my secrets. Eveonne then said “she went down very fast didn’t she” which could have only been in reference to her passing as it was very quick. She then said “Mary will be there to guide you through life” which I didn’t find emotional or spooky this time just very comforting. Eveonne went on to tell me about how I was in an awful relationship before where I was not treated the way I deserved which I agreed with because my past relationships have been crap to be honest. They have all taught me a lot though and she confirmed that I am wiser now and they taught me to know what I deserve and that I have healed from them. So thats a huge plus in my book! She said that I have a good group of friends now that support me and thats what I need. I was told that new love is on the way, a soulmate connection is there and the “You Found It” angel card appeared to confirm that.

However for it to work and last long it would take time to develop and patience. She said I’m a lot more patient than I used to be which is true I have noticed that in myself. Eveonne said that whoever this was was not in Ireland. I was told that to thrive and grow I have to leave Ireland and experience more. Also that “its not the time to put all your eggs in the one basket”. I think this is related to a course I applied for that would keep me in Ireland for 4 years which I’m reluctant to take to be honest. She said I’ve made a decision and its the right one and that would be that I have booked a one way flight to Edinburgh! I plan on getting a job there and seeing how things go. I was told not to go to Dubai and Australia not that I was planning to really but my best friend is moving to Australia in October so I guess I’ll have to meet her halfway in Thailand or maybe Bali (if the funds are good) anyways no bother to me! Also there may be a job opportunity in Paris in the future and to take it. I wouldn’t mind that now oooh la la. There was a good bit more she told me thats too personal to share but overall I’m glad I went. The most I took from it was that I’m making the right choices now and everything is going to work out the way its supposed to. Again this stuff isn’t for everybody but I enjoyed it and thought I would share!

If anyone reading this has been to a medium and had all of the stuff come true please let me know I’d love to hear some stories!

Lots of Love- Bri xo

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