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Life Update and The Confidence Class

The Confidence Class was two days ago and it’s still soaking in. The lead up to it went so quickly the planning kept me so busy I didn’t realise how fast time went. I can’t believe it’s April already!! Anyways the event went so well I think. I’m very happy with it and can’t believe we actually pulled it all off. Everyone keeps saying how proud we should be of ourselves and to be honest I am really bloody proud of myself. The aim of the event was to create a space where we could share our experiences with people interact with them and all have fun, laughs understanding and positivity throughout the room. We set out to speak on various topics including ones very close to my heart such as mental health, body positivity and the influence of social media. I was like a demon in Kris Jenner Momager mode the hours leading up to the event and I truly feel for anyone who had to deal with me😂. As soon as the event started though I began to relax perhaps a bit too much if you’re sensitive to people drinking out of Prosecco bottles and savagely eating donuts and cupcakes! But I was living my best life anyways and that’s all that matters ☺️🙌

The feedback we have received from some of the gorgeous people that attended The Confidence Class on Saturday has been phenomenal. I would absolutely love to hold another event with the lads who were all involved. Reece, Molly, Ty, Adam and Rachel all knocked it out of the park with their chats and stories. Limerick Suicide Watch officers joined us with their beautiful watch dog Fern and spoke to everyone about the fantastic voluntary work they do and how it benefits the people of Limerick in Suicide prevention. Overall I loved the whole thing and as I said I’d love to do it again so we will have to wait and see what the future holds 🙏.

In the next few weeks I have the search for the new face of Glowing Girlies Boutique to look forward to. I will be a mentor to 5 girls out of 10 who will be competing to become the next Face of Glowing Girlies Boutique. I also have another fabulous event this Friday with Miss Penguin P in aid of Milford Hospice. I truly love supporting local Limerick businesses and Limerick Charities. I feel Limerick is such a great county with MOUNTAINS of potential just waiting to be utilised and seeing local businesses and charities do well honestly make me so happy for the community we have in Limerick. I’d love nothing more than to have a position of power to actually make change in this city, show people its potential and increase tourism. Maybe I should have done politics 😂 maybe not… Anyways lots of stuff to look forward to there always is! Hope you enjoy this little life update. You can be sure to keep up with me on Instagram too if you like @bribblogs 🙌 Talk soon. -Bri xo

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