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Bri's Christmas Gift Guide

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! I'm so happy be back writing, it's a great distraction from the shit show which is the world right now.

Like many others this year I would like to shop as local or Irish as possible to support business owners. This year has affected so many of us in different ways while businesses have been hit especially hard.

So here we go... Bri's Christmas Gift Guide.

Resin By Sophie

Sophie makes the sickest looking resin art Im a huge fan of her Harry Potter coasters personally. You could get someone a personalised coaster, ashtray, jewellery tray or keychain amongst other cool resin art pieces. Sophie also does rolling trays for any green smokers you know which I think is very cool.


Wick n Mix

A local Limerick business run by Darren and Jamie. When this couples wedding got postponed they started a business during the first lockdown making scented wax melts. The wax melts are handmade, vegan and cruelty free. There are so many different wax melt burners and wax melts with scents such as popular perfumes, colognes, Christmas scents, baby fragrances and much more. My favourites would definitely be the Parma Violet and Daisies inspired by the Marc Jacobs perfume! I have a discount code you can use "BRI15" to avail off 15% off your purchase. Personally I love these types of gifts and most women do, like your friend, mam, granny, aunty etc but there are cologne scents to freshen up any young fellas room before he has someone over.


The Irish Chandler

If you're not into wax melts and are more of a candle vibes kinda person this is for you. Or the person you might buy them for. Lots of their candles and melts are inspired by Ireland. Gift boxes are available too which would be perfect for anyone missing Ireland or who has a profound love for their country and scents relating to specific locations. The Cliffs Gift Box looks A1 but make sure to get these while you can as they're in high demand. This is such a gift you'd get your aunty in the UK or send to a family member abroad. A perfect gift to remind them how amazing Ireland is...and smells(sometimes).


Fashion Box

The Fashion Box is an Irish run business page on Instagram. They sell the best (real) fake designer items. They mainly sell designer inspired clothing, shoes and accessories. The quality is amazing and you'd easily mistake it for authentic designer. There are things you could buy as gifts for your boyfriend, brother, sister, friend etc. If anyone you know likes to look boujee buy them a gift from here.



Love2Treat is a gift box service where you can customise your gift box to suit your budget. I personally was gifted a box and it was lovely. The contents are mostly self care related so they'd be perfect for a friend or family member needing a pick me up and a nice treat.



These perfumes are exact dupes for the real scents that can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. They have such a wide variety of scents from Jo Malone copies to Chanel Blue for men. Perfect for absolutely anyone on your gifting list and not as expensive as the real stuff.


Know A Little Art

For a more custom personalised gift Know A Little Art produce the most insane looking cool prints I've seen online. You can also customise cold cups with Louis Vuitton print or any print you wish. The Album Acrylics can be personalised to your needs and make great keepsakes. Don't be afraid to get creative and approach Know A Little Art with your idea, nothing is impossible!


Bean in Dingle Coffee

Now this year I have been loving coffee and really appreciate a good cup of joe. My family are also obsessed they grind their own coffee beans sometimes and filter it. No instant coffee in this household. Coffee has become increasingly popular amongst many people. If you're a coffee lover I'm sure you would find it cool to get some of your own artisanal coffee roasted on the emerald isle herself.


Treaty City Brewery

Irish beer made in Limerick. I think this would be lovely for any men in your life that appreciate a good beer.


John Ross Jewellers

Everyone loves a bit of bling. Men are getting way more into jewellery and John Ross have all the watches, signet rings and chains to keep the men in your life happy. I got my moms Christmas present from John Ross and I know she is going to love it. The price point and quality is unbeatable at John Ross Jewellers. My friend Reece Creed has a collection with John Ross Jewellers from which I bought stunning 9ct gold earrings for less than 50 euro. I cannot recommend this jeweller enough, their customer care is top notch.


Son of a Bleach

Son of a Bleach online stock Matrix hair care products which are fabulous for anyone with coloured hair or hair thats needing a bit of TLC. Leon and Ryan did my hair in the salon and I love my pink hair so much. I have been using the matrix product set which has shampoo, conditioner and a treatment to maintain and upkeep my colour. I love the set and have noticed my colour is lasting way longer than it has before!


Sarah Jayy Store

Limerick owned Athletic and Loungewear business that stocks gorgeous pieces of clothing. The sets that I have bought from Sarah Jay have all been very comfortable and fun to wear when doing exercise.


Gym Goddess

Another Irish owned business for Athletic wear. I am obsessed with Gym Goddess.The material quality is amazing, soft, squat proof and so stylish. The sets are beautiful and truly make me feel more confident going to do a workout.


Kiki Fit the Label

Kiki is a personal trainer and influencer who also owns her own brand of fitness accessories. The Resistance bands Kiki Fit the Label stocks are amazing! I bought a set of bands once from Penneys and they snapped, another set I bought online broke. Kikis resistance bands are so durable and strong I cannot recommend them enough and I actually like using them in a workout it makes things more interesting. Not to mention she has different styles and lengths available. I can't wait to see what else she brings out soon.


Spicey B

Another gorgeous company. Spicey B stocks the nicest trend setting jewellery online. The accessories and pieces available are sure to spice up any outfit you have on. The prices again are super affordable, superb customer service and great quality. Honestly who doesn't want to be dripping in jewellery. All the items pictured are less than 30 euro!!


Pressed Flowers by Nell

My friend Nell is an artist who presses flowers in the most beautiful way. Her creations have been showcased around Limerick city and rightly so. Not to mention her comissions have been sent worldwide. A favourite among brides, Nell presses all types of flowers into beautiful frames for lifelong keepsakes and treasured memories. I think this is such a lovely idea and would make a beautiful gift no matter what product you choose from Nells website.

You can also get something made by commission from Nell.


Avokado and Co

Another business I came across this year was Avokado and Co. Their gift sets are sure to put a smile on someones face. Anything you could possibly want personalised they have. I love their range of Irish phrases too, gas craic altogether. They have a Positivity range of items which are so up-lifting. I think everyone could use a bit of that right now.


Glowing Girlies Boutique

Glowing Girlies Boutique are selling bedding and fabulous pyjamas at the moment. I think we must all be living in our pjs this year. On the website in the Christmas section theres loads of different bedding types especially the comfy fluffy sets, kids pjs, mens pjs, womens pjs, hot water bottle sets and slippers. Everything you need to stay comfy and warm in the winter.


Lanai Blo

Lanai Blo is an Irish owned company with really popular hair dryers. Personally I don't know much about hair dryers being honest. This looks cool though and you can get your name on it and it comes in loads of colours! As someone who has a piece of crap hairdryer from give or take 10 years ago, I think I might just buy myself one lol.


Aoife Feroce Fashion

If you want clothes support this Irish Fashionista! Aoife has made me clothes before and her attention to detail is incredible. She also is bringing out new stuff constantly like hoodies, sets, and even face masks and scrunchies. Her stuff is so stylish she's an incredibly talented young lady.


NAURA Cosmetics

Last but not at all least. If you know anyone who wants an AMAZING gloss look no further. Oh and tan and highlighters!!! Naura is run by my friend (husband) Aron Whelan. He's a boss bitch, and a makeup artist with his own cosmetic brand and let me tell you he was not playing around. I love the glosses and highlighter! I've yet to try the V Bronzy Tan but damnnn it looks fab.


Obviously there are so so so many other businesses and deserving brands that should be mentioned but I don't want to type my fingers off. The reason I wrote this post was to share places I trust and have actually bought from before or would buy from when looking out for Christmas gifts. Christmas is gonna sneak up on us so fast I think so we might as well get all the shopping out of the way do it all online and support Irish.

Lots of Love,

Bri xo

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